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This is the home page of the company "MB METAL MINIATURES" - producer of high quality railway models. This page is divided into 4 parts. 

1st part - Úvodní stránka gives profile of the company: "MB METAL MINIATURES" produces railway models. It has great experience especially with building brass models - especially with soldering of etch plate and casted parts. But it also engage in building railway models from plastic parts. It cooperates with companies Gerard Wien, WMK Wien, Ferotrain. The company offers building of metal and plastic models from the kits of all world producers. The company has also it’s own production program.

2nd part - Nabízené vlastní výrobky introduces company’s own production program, which is in the beginnings and consists of brass model of service coach type D in the H0 scale. The real coach was build for all railways in Austro-Hungarian Empire and later for Czechoslovak Railways. The model is all made from brass and has a lot of details. The model is offered in 2 variants: older one with rooftop bridge and newer one with side perspective window. The model is offered in 2 Austrian variants: kkStB and ÖBB and in 2 variants of Czechoslovak Railways. 

The price of the model ready to run is 130 €

3rd part - Produkce firmy gives examples of company's production for other final producers.

4th part - Ukázky dalších modelů gives examples of models, which was build by the company founder mr. Milan Burget for international competitions.



The contact to the company:


Milan Burget

V. Špály 6

796 04 Prostějov

Czech Republic


tel/fax:     +420508336084

e-mail:    Burget.Milan@seznam.cz